Back in the North

Welcome to my blog. I have decided to share with you my experiences and photos from the Northern England and beyond. I am based in Cheshire which means having three amazing National Parks within easy reach, as well as being an hour’s flight away from Ireland and a mere three hours on the train from the major Scottish cities. I first came to live here 10 years ago, but then moved down south following a career change. In late 2018 I was offered a job here and decided to relocate again. Everything is familiar and strange at the same time. What has not, however, changed, is the stunning beauty of the local landscapes. I missed them badly, while living half way between Portsmouth and London.

I tend to holiday where I can make good use of my camera. That means choosing destinations wisely, and travelling independently. This year I have Ireland in plans (May), the Isle of Skye (August), as well as a mysterious corner of Spain known as The Basque Country (September). I am also very keen on visiting the Peak District again. I went there for Easter 2018 and apart from heavy snow on Easter Monday it was a great trip – hence the header photograph on this blog, taken from the summit of Mam Tor. I also want to climb Snowdon this year, taking the Crib Goch route this time. Luckily, no need to travel for hours from London anymore, because I am already here!

One of the first places I really wanted to visit after relocating from the south was Keswick in the Lakes. I have fond memories of Cumbria, which was once my home. Keswick proved to be as charming as ever; a bustling mecca for hikers, climbers, ramblers, dog lovers…you name it. It was a sunny, crisp winter day, the lake was still partially frozen and the mountains seemed to be sprinkled with icing sugar. Regrettably I left my camera at home so I ended up taking photos on my iPhone. Lazy Kat…

I came back from the Lakes exhausted, as most of my day was spent on trains and buses, but still very moved and longing for more.  The Lake District National Park, now proudly a UNESCO site, has always been extremely crowded with visitors and I imagine this is a growing trend, local tourism being increasingly popular here in the UK. Deservedly so.

Below are somewhat imperfect yet candid pictures taken with my first digital SLR, Pentax K100D, as long ago as 2007. No Photoshop and no filters. The Lakes at their best.


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