It’s Easter morning. I am drinking a hot lemon & ginger infusion, listening to a fabulous Tom Petty collection on Spotify and trying to make sense of it all. In a way, it’s a pretty normal Sunday morning. The only bottle of wine I had vanished over Thursday and Friday and I had no willpower to wait outside a supermarket for half an hour (again) to buy more, so no alcohol for me today…All for the better, as I intend to start Couch to 5K tomorrow. The weather doesn’t look too promising and I might give up on an idea of a long-ish walk and only go for a short stroll, saving my energy for Monday.

I’m a non-believer and don’t celebrate Easter as such, but I usually spend it somewhere nice, like Malta, Cambridge, the Peak District, the Surrey Hills or Krakow. Krakow especially looks splendid at this time of year, perhaps even nicer than during Christmas. As long as it doesn’t rain or snow. The so called climate change tends to bring us milder and sunnier weather with a notable exception of 2018, when my Easter journey back from Sheffield to London looked like this: no wonder they don’t call it ‘global warming’ anymore…


Easter also often coincides with my birthday as well as birthdays of my Polish relatives, so whenever I am over there, we celebrate together.

In pagan traditions, this is the time to cherish the Spring and the new beginning. In the light of the recent events it is understandable that not everyone feels chirpy. Over 900 people now dies in the UK everyday, despite the lock down and other security measures. We can’t visit each other and although Face Time and Skype come handy, they can’t really replace the real thing. I am however grateful that I although I am stuck here all alone, at least I am in my own home. I consider it a true blessing.


Enjoy this unusual Easter time in any way it suits you. Stay safe, and stay sane.

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