Autumn vibes

Today I was going to be on my way to York, where I intended to stay until Monday. I have been to York before but it was a lifetime ago and I barely remember it…I stayed in a bad hostel, that much I remember! Alas, I misinterpreted the latest government guidelines and decided I could not travel beyond Chester and stay in Airbnb. Well, since York is still in the same tier as us, and I was going to stay there on my own, the truth is I COULD go, at the host’s discretion. I cancelled my trip and as of today I am enjoying a long weekend, again, at home.

To add insult to injury, my dear friends and travel companions can’t come here to join me either because Ireland is, yet again, in a rather strict lockdown. What I shame, I thought to myself wandering around Grosvenor Park today. The weather is mild for October and although it rained cats and dogs this morning, the afternoon was sunny with a beautiful, golden light. I tidied up my plants – some are thriving, some are losing a will to live – then grabbed my camera and went for a walk. My Pentax has been literally gathering dust in the recent months. Urban photography isn’t usually my thing so I try to focus on nature in the city, while using the city as a background.

Needless to say, Chester looks as lovely as ever. Littered with single use face masks and McDonalds boxes, but still lovely. I am gutted about York, but a) I have more important things to be gutted about b) York will still be there next year. I’ll go in March, come hell or high water ­čÖé

2 thoughts on “Autumn vibes

  1. irolka November 2, 2020 / 19:59

    Ireland is in level 5 but as of 8th Nov we are supposedly joining the EU traffic light system for travel. Meaning that when coming back from red zone country, self isolation is needed, for orange – needed unless you have a negative test, green – not needed. Currently there is almost no green zones in Europe, but maybe this will improve by December, post lockdowns… Regarding restrictions, Ireland never closed the borders, so travel outside is allowed (alas not recommended!), but one needs to stay home for 14 days after coming back, and this is the deterrent for most, especially if you can’t work from home.
    Lovely autumnal colours ­čÖé
    How’s the home reno going, all done by now surely??


    • Kat November 2, 2020 / 20:05

      I am losing hope for Christmas in Krakow, but we’ll see. I stopped at bathroom, and will resume once I’ve got the next job sorted out.


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