Take a postcard

Photography opportunities have been drastically limited during the last 12 months or so. Those unlucky ones who have not managed to escape abroad or even travel domestically must be overjoyed with a possibility to take virtual postcards thanks to Virtual Trips, recently re-named Heygo.

I admit that taking photos is what attracts me to these trips because it is what makes me want to travel in the first place. It is amazing how well the pics turn out, after a slight retouch using the humble Windows editor – no need for expensive software here. Some guides are photographers themselves I am sure, otherwise they wouldn’t be so good at panning and framing.

I am particularly pleased with the photos taken in Scotland. We have been blessed with splendid weather for a while and it was sunny all over the UK, even in Belfast – see below 🙂 When I posted these on Facebook I fooled someone into thinking I was actually there in person.

Various shades of Scotland:

La Valetta, Malta:

From Prague to Berlin, Vienna, Amman, Asisi, Bergen to Rio:

Mysterious Persia:

Nottingham and Matlock Bath in the Peak District: don’t they just look marvelous ?

And last but not least, the series of volcano excursions that recently broke the Internet and brought countless new followers to the Heygo website:

Nothing will ever replace ‘proper’ photography, however taking these postcards gave me a lot of pleasure – not to mention that participating in the flight over the active Icelandic volcano would have been rather unlikely in real life 🙂

Albert’s usually fully booked volcano trip as well as other tours can be found here:


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