Freshfield and Formby, Sefton Coast

Taken on the 26th of June with iPhone X. The day was initially cloudy, but wind and rain free and it gradually got sunnier and warmer. Apparently, the dunes here are the largest in England.

A nice chap sells good hot and cold drinks as well as bacon rolls and cakes from his van right at the entrance to the National Trust site: Nothing nicer than a good cup of coffee on the way to the beach through the pine forest! There are also toilets, open until 4 pm. Both car parks are more or less full before 11 am on Saturday, but it only takes 15 min to walk there from the Freshfield station which lies on the Northern Line that links Liverpool and Southport.

I am told this is just like the beaches of the Baltic Sea.

8 thoughts on “Freshfield and Formby, Sefton Coast

  1. shazza July 13, 2021 / 08:39

    Oh I have been here. Remember the dunes well. There is actually a small population of red squirrels in the pine forest, the only reds in Lancashire. However at the moment there has been an outbreak of squirrel pox, which the more common Grey’s spread. The disease doesn’t harm the grey squirrels but kills off the reds, which is so sad. ­čśŽ


    • Kat July 13, 2021 / 13:35

      I saw the signs informing about squirrel pox. On the approach from Formby car park one of the dunes appeared to have collapsed and there was a lot of rubble and bricks on the beach to stop it from sliding down further I guess. Not a pretty sight.


  2. humanity777 July 12, 2021 / 21:29

    Peaceful looking place. Thanks for sharing


    • Kat July 12, 2021 / 21:37

      My pleasure – I don’t think it’s known to anyone but the locals, frankly.


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