Autumn vibes

Today I was going to be on my way to York, where I intended to stay until Monday. I have been to York before but it was a lifetime ago and I barely remember it…I stayed in a bad hostel, that much I remember! Alas, I misinterpreted the latest government guidelines and decided I could not travel beyond Chester and stay in Airbnb. Well, since York is still in the same tier as us, and I was going to stay there on my own, the truth is I COULD go, at the host’s discretion. I cancelled my trip and as of today I am enjoying a long weekend, again, at home.

To add insult to injury, my dear friends and travel companions can’t come here to join me either because Ireland is, yet again, in a rather strict lockdown. What I shame, I thought to myself wandering around Grosvenor Park today. The weather is mild for October and although it rained cats and dogs this morning, the afternoon was sunny with a beautiful, golden light. I tidied up my plants – some are thriving, some are losing a will to live – then grabbed my camera and went for a walk. My Pentax has been literally gathering dust in the recent months. Urban photography isn’t usually my thing so I try to focus on nature in the city, while using the city as a background.

Needless to say, Chester looks as lovely as ever. Littered with single use face masks and McDonalds boxes, but still lovely. I am gutted about York, but a) I have more important things to be gutted about b) York will still be there next year. I’ll go in March, come hell or high water 馃檪