Hilbre Island: mini abstract – scapes

If it wasn’t for a taxi driver who told me about three tidal islands near West Kirby I would have never discovered these beauties for myself. Having checked the tide times I decided to arrive there at 10:30, to have enough time to walk to the islands and back, and to take some pics on the way. It worked out well, and to my surprise I saw people walking towards Hilbre well after 1 pm – we were supposed to leave three hours before the next high tide at 4 pm…Regretfully, I ignored good advice on www.deeestuary.co.uk/hilbre and didn’t apply any sunscreen, after all it was going to be a cloudy day. As a result I’ve burned my forehead and nose; the sand and rocks must have reflected all that daylight and made me look like a lobster.  It was all worth it though, the walk itself was easy and took just over an hour, taking into accound that I kept stopping all the time to take photos. The islands are wild, rugged and incredibly peaceful, as well as rich in colours, from red sandstone, to green mosses, purple wildflowers and blue seashells. I left home unaware that a 50 – 200 mm lens was still attached to my camera. Hence these mini landscapes, looking remarkably like tiny mountains and lakes.

I like the ‘abstract’ effect of these and how they unintentionally turned out almost monochrome:

The potential for photography there is enormous:

Below: West Kirby, near Marine Lake, with Welsh hills visible in distance.