Winter Lights fantastic

Another post about London…Sorry! I only have 40 or so working days left until I leave my Hertfordshire home from home. Whenever the trains run on schedule, which is rare these days, I hop on and head to places not previously seen…or not seen in a while. The area around Victoria is one such place and I must say the walk from the railway station to Westminster Abbey is very dull. One building however caught my attention: the Catholic Westminster Cathedral. Entry is free and it really is a beautiful church, plus it offers quite decent views from its campanile, or the bell tower. I was happy to pay 拢6 for it. No need to climb hundreds of steps either, there was a lift.

The interior reminded me of orthodox churches, but at the same time it’s pretty modern:

Now, having recently bought this excellent guide book for photographers interested in shooting in London, I wanted to take an exactly same pic as the one on the book’s cover. There were people walking in front of me constantly, taking selfies etc so I decided to keep them in the frame and I think it actually added some charm. The statue of Churchill with Big Ben is another Instagram-like pic taken a million times before. Big Ben looks shiny and marvellous after the recent renovation:

The streets right behind the Westminster Abbey were surprisingly calm and quiet, unlike the always crowded Parliament Square. They reminded me of Cambridge a little bit.

The real purpose of my trip however was Winter Lights extravaganza at Canary Wharf. After a short Tube ride from Waterloo station, I was first rewarded with a most incredible sunset. There were several people shooting with ‘proper’ cameras, tripods, the whole shebang. I spent a good 45 minutes there and just couldn’t get enough. Even the skyscrapers looked stunning bathed in the evening sun. Well, I shouldn’t have been for so long. It got so very busy around the light installations I had to queue to some of them and only managed to see a few, sadly. But I had great fun especially with colourful mist and the Earth slowly spinning around on water. Canary Wharf seems like a boring place at first to visit but it’s so much nicer than shabby Victoria and the riverside walk alone is worth it. Thames Clippers boat stops there too.

I am rather pleased with the first photo: I used ‘burst’ mode on my phone and this was the only successful one out of 57 馃檪

The next post won’t be about London. Instead, it will be about Bath where I’ll be spending next weekend! I figured it’s a bit easier to get there from here although, in all honesty, it’s still a 3 hour journey, a little shorter than a car trip from Chester. Will it be busy in late January ? Cold and windy ? You’ll find out soon enough 馃檪