‘I really like this lockdown’ confessed one of my female colleagues. ‘I like a quiet life’. I’m happy for her. I know she would quit their job immediately if she was told she didn’t have to work anymore. My colleague is pleased because she doesn’t have to commute every day and has more time for her family. I admit I like the slower pace of life, the fact that there is less trafic and obviously fewer people walking aroung. I feel as if I lived in a small town, but still with all the benefits of a larger town – even if these benefits are temporarily unavailable. It’s less noisy and I can actually hear the birds sing.

Weekends are all the same now and being quite a restless person I have to find things to do so yesterday afternoon I decided to spend 3 hours rearranging  my living room. My flat is very badly designed, the rooms are small and awkward and it’s really hard to make the good use of space. I’ve reached some sort of compromise with myself and while the results are not exactly Instagram-worthy, it is the best I could do considering I did buy too much furniture in the first place.

To my great delight Netflix is now showing the new season of ‘The Last Kingdom’. I still have 20 or so hours left of my ‘IT’ audiobook. I tend to fall asleep listening to this extremely lengthy and occasionally boring book. Not once did I fall asleep while listening to the first book in ‘The Saxon Stories’ series. I shall carry on for the remaning 20 hours because I don’t like quitting half way, however this just confirms what I have known for a long time: I don’t like fiction, unless it’s based on historical events at least to some extent.