Norwich – city of stories

I must admit I knew – and still know – very little of Norwich and its 1400 years history. I choose my destinations purely because of their photogenic qualities, but if they are interesting and friendly it always adds value to the trip. I got inspired by this You Tube video:

When I shared with my co-workers I was going to Norwich for Easter, the reactions were lukewarm at best…’Avoid the rough bits’ said my manager and then mentioned something about the ‘Lanes’ but said nothing whatsoever about the very well preserved medieval architecture, or the castle, or any of the cathedrals. Norwich markets itself as ‘City of Stories’, however I couldn’t find any guided tours around Easter Sunday which was a shame.

The truth is, Norwich kind of tries to be upmarket, but it’s very laid back and it lacks ostentatious displays of wealth I saw in Cambridge. I stayed in a no frills Airbnb room only 10 min walk along the river from the railway station, and a short stroll from the Cathedral. As usual, I focused on finding beauty in unexpected places, and I found plenty of it. In my opinion, Norwich is an underrated gem.

There is certainly no shortage of churches in Norwich, I think they might even outnumber pubs:

I got a bit obsessed with doors…and windows:

Elm Hill, the delightful medieval street in Norwich, on a quiet Easter Sunday morning. It got busier with tourist later, but it was still peaceful compared to London. The other streets were just as charming:

The castle was being renovated and I missed the market, there wasn’t much going in in the Forum either, but at least I picked a free map from there. Not that I needed it, Norwich is very compact.

A day trip to Sheringham was an icing on a cake for me. I enjoyed the sea like never before, walked to Weybourne and back via Norfolk Coast Path, got a sunburn despite wearing SPF 50…I am not sure if I visit Norwich again in the nearest future, but I would go back to Sheringham in a heartbeat.

Another British destination off my bucket list…Off to Windsor tomorrow for a Royal Weekend!