Adventures in Ireland: to Kinsale and back

Let me share with you some highlights from my annual trip to Ireland. I am very fortunate to have a friend there with whom I travel and who is able not only to come up with a unique itinerary every time, but also to drive us to places I would never get to on my own. This time we took another mate with us and headed to a colourful, cute and super – instagrammable town called Kinsale. But first we stopped by the Rock of Cashel, which we viewed from the ruins of Hore Abbey.

From there we headed to Lismore Gardens which were opened to public for free and hosted some sort of bookworm convention slash picnic 馃槈 Everyone was basking in a glorious sunshine, a mini chamber orchestra played tunes from Game of Thrones…bliss. The gardens themselves were nothing short of splendid.