Habibi, come to Poland!

I’m alive and back from my 8 weeks trip to Poland. Apart from Krakow, where I stayed with my family while undergoing a laser eye surgery, I also visited 6 other places, moving from the south to the north, to eventually fly back to Liverpool from Gdansk. I travelled by train and coach and took advantage of excellent public transport in major towns and cities. My accommodation, unsurprisingly, was all Airbnbs or Booking.com apartments. I needed a kitchenette everywhere I went to so these were the most sensible options.

For the first few nights since coming back I kept waking up confused and in slight panic, not sure whether I was back in my friend’s holiday apartment in Gdansk or elsewhere. It turned out that such frequent changes of surroundings, dragging myself from place to place, having to learn how to function in each new town again and again was a bit much for my middle aged brain 馃檪 Jokes aside, this was an intense trip and I had few proper rest days, which was very much my own choice! Nearly 2 months of travelling resulted, according to my Fitbit, in 940769 steps clocked in and so many phone pics taken that I literally killed my iPhone’s battery and had to have it replaced in Gdansk (a big shout – out to the lads at Zbita Szybka who dealt with it in just under 2 hours!). So, where exactly did I go ?

  1. Krakow (including trips to Ojcow, Wieliczka, Tyniec)
  2. Lublin (including a trip to Kazimierz Dolny)
  3. Szczawnica (including a walk across the border to Slovakia’s Pieniny National Park)
  4. Warszawa
  5. Torun
  6. Stegna
  7. Gdansk (including a trip to Sopot)

I will soon cover each destination in greater detail in separate posts 馃檪 In the meantime, here’s a little photo teaser: can you guess any of these places ? Have you ever visited any of them ?