Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park & Superbloom – nature in the city

Although I didn’t plan it that way, I had what I could call an ‘Elizabeth’ day on Saturday, first with a trip to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, then a short ride on the brand new, shiny, air conditioned Elizabeth line, and then a spontaneous but very lucky visit to the Tower of London Superbloom. As a city person at heart who happens to adore nature and outdoors I could not be happier seeing all those beautiful flowers still blooming in mid September. I took a closer look at The Orbit; we might go up the viewing platform during our Halloween weekend in London, but we certainly won’t try the slide. I have travel sickness 馃槈

I must say I loved this skyline and the stadium looked pretty cool up close. The park itself was peaceful but I could still hear the noise coming from heavy traffic and numerous building sites.

I didn’t expect such an abundance of pretty flowers in a very busy, built up area:

Once back in central London, I though I’d walk to the Tower of London and I was pleasantly surprised that Superbloom, a semi-wild meadow designed to replace grass in the tower moat no longer required a ticket. I unleashed my iPhone and photographed until the battery died. This landscape is going to be a permanent feature from now on and I wonder, why nobody thought of it earlier ?

As usual, I tortured my iPhone pics in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. I’ve had my phone since autumn 2018 and I wouldn’t be thinking of getting a latest one, because I change smartphones as infrequently as possible. I admit though that I’m very tempted by stunning capabilities of iPhone 13 Pro, from the triple lens and macro mode to shooting in RAW. I read a negative opinion on Facebook some time ago on presets, especially applied to nature photography. I personally love them. They can be a lazy and quick solution, but also an inspiration and a creativity boost. I usually end up adjusting and fine tuning each setting anyway. It’s the end results that matter after all, not what we did or did not use.

The flowers are at the end of their life, looking tired and missing petals – beauty in imperfections.

Quite a nice view of the Shard if I say so myself. I can’t wait for our Tower of London tour in just 7 weeks time!