Darker Thoughts

It’s hard to believe it’s almost June, half a year gone. In June 2019 I had already been to Dubai, Dublin and Wroclaw, then I moved to my new place and left for the Isle of Skye. I envy people who simply shut themselves in their home and feel content…then again, many individuals are paid for doing just this…while others work full time and pay taxes into the system. I am not normally interested in such matters, but when I read that UK Government borrowed £62 billion in April to fund all of this, I can’t help but wonder where they borrowed it from and how on earth are they planning to get out of this debt? Scary thought indeed…

By the look of it, June will be another wasted month but from July the 4th Holiday Parks will be allowed to open. Howewer, they will have to reduce the number of visitors which will be reflected in tariffs, obviously. I am so desperate to get out of the city that I am now considering the unthinkable: going camping. Not in a glampod – they cost almost as much as hotels these days and for that reason are impractical for budget conscious solo travellers – but in a proper tent. Mind you, I have never stayed in a tent in my entire life. When I was growing up it was seen as something a bit uncool, and being a city kid I just spent my summers, well, hanging out in the city. ‘You missed out on a big part of growing up’ my work colleague said to me, and I have to agree. I was a very sickly, weak child, always in bed with a book, not really a scout type. 41 years later and here I am, frantically browsing online outdoors stores for tents, mats and camping gear, as well as investigating what campsites I can find relatively near me. In this lockdown madness no one takes any notice of us, non-drivers. We are told not to use severely limited trains and avoid buses too, unless the journey is essential. What if I deem it essential for my mental and physical health to get to Snowdon ? Damn, will put a dreaded face mask on as long as it allows me to travel.

I am really pleasantly surprised there are so many campsites in the UK and judging from Google reviews most are clean and safe, with decent facilities. I have shortlisted a few, one in Llangollen – once Wales lifts the ban for visitors – another few in the Lakes, all rather small so I guess whoever comes first, gets the pitch. I view these places as safe, after all people stay in their own groups or by themselves, and fresh air is so much healthier that cocooning within four walls, breathing one’s own germs.

I forgot for a moment that most stores are still closed and wanted to check out GO Outdoors in Saltney; instead I will have to take a risk and order my tent online hoping it will be right for me. I am still researching and although initially I really liked Slumit Cub 2 , as it looks super easy to pitch, now I am more inclined to get Vango Cairngorm 200.

If only the public transport got back to normal…I worry that since holidays abroad will be out of the question for majority, due to the compulsory quarantine, face masks on planes and at airports (what about borders checks??), social distancing in resorts and on beaches etc, UK beauty spots will be absolutely overwhelmed with visitors. Good news is, those used to package holidays will sooner choose hotels or even glamping, that sleeping under the stars. Fingers crossed!

Another dark thought for today: I will have to get a car. I can’t stand being confined to one place. I can’t get on a bus because that means not saving lives. I can’t justify paying £43.90 each way in train fares when petrol would cost me £20. Sorry, Planet.

4 thoughts on “Darker Thoughts

  1. irolka June 29, 2020 / 12:01

    Car gives so much freedom! And when Dublinia visits you, you’ll be able to take her anywhere 😉
    I did camp good few times as a teenager, and tents these days are so much easier to put up! My friends still go camping on a regular basis, and they are our age. K. never camped either, so on a ‘to do’ list. 2 years ago in Poland he fried a sausage on a stick over a real fire – also his first time! Never too late to try new things 🙂


    • Kat June 30, 2020 / 19:03

      Ha! With the weather as it is now it looks like we’re better off camping in France or Spain…I miss those fried sausages 🙂


  2. Ewa (Dublinia) May 24, 2020 / 15:52

    This is only one shitty year. It will not last long. We will soon be going on holiday abroad 🙂 but buy a car.


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